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KookSlams Signature Front Skim Pad - White

KookSlams Signature Front Skim Pad - White

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The KookSlams Signature Front Pad is brilliantly designed. It was birthed through years of performing at the highest level of any human, animal, or living creature on the face of planet Earth.

Our Baby Dragon Talon texture on the 4 flat strips will have you glued to your board. Add the center arch bar for additional arch support, and extra grip with the Pyramids of Giza offset Finished off with our El Kapitan Kick, the Amber Torrealba Signature Tail Pad is what you’ve been lucid dreaming of.

  • Upgraded Marine-grade 3M Adhesive keeps your goods stuck on your goods so you’re good when you’re trying to be good, you feel?

  • Measurements: 16" wide x 15" tall with all 5 pieces including center arch bar.
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